The Arlington Bank’s number-one priority is our customers. We want to keep you educated about all the issues, scams and general information about the money world. Please use these resources to find out more information about the following topics:

Banking Basics

Credit & Debit Cards — Cash and checks aren’t going anywhere, but new payment methods are beginning to appear. Here are some things to know about your choices and your protections.

America Saves Tips — With more societal encouragement and support, more Americans will be persuaded to set a goal, make a plan and save automatically.

Set a Goal, Make a Plan, Save Automatically  — This guide will help you gain a clear view of where your money goes now so you can more easily decide where you want it to go in the future.

Kids’ ages, needs determine which account is right — Getting youngsters off to a strong start with saving is a smart step. The next thing to do is select the right type of account.

Money lessons can begin at a young age — When it comes to teaching children about money, younger really is better. But what lessons can parents teach, and at what ages?

Protecting Your Accounts

Software updates vital to keeping your accounts safe — If you’re still running Windows XP on your computer, it’s time to upgrade. Until then, your computer is vulnerable to viruses and your bank accounts may be compromised.

How Deposits are Insured — Not one penny of insured deposits has ever been lost by a customer of a federally insured bank. Make sure your deposits are covered to the maximum extent possible.

At the ATM: 10 Ways to Minimize Fees and Maximize Security —  Keep these tips in mind at the ATM so that the cash coming out of your account goes into your pocket.

Plan Ahead to Keep Money Safe on Vacation — If you’re going on vacation, read these tips and stay prepared.

Account Hijacking & Identity Theft — Account hijacking occurs when a criminal obtains your personal banking information and uses it to take over your bank accounts. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

Fake Check Scams — These fakes range from the cashier’s checks and money orders to corporate and personal checks. Could you be a victim? Not if you recognize and report them.

Texts, Pop-Ups & Downloads — Unexpected pop-up windows and unsolicited messages could be signs of a scam.

Guarding Against Internet & Mobile Fraud Schemes — Scams such as phishing and debit card skimming are costly. Here’s what you should know.

Safeguarding Your Information — One of the best ways to avoid fraud is to become an educated consumer. Here are some tips to help you stay alert.

Stay on alert for painful financial schemes — Recent data attacks and fraud schemes have made it clear that safeguarding your identity and bank accounts is a top priority.

Account Authentication & Online Banking  — Internet security technology is helping assure safe internet transactions for banks and their customers.

Mobile Banking Best Practices — The Arlington Bank has provided a secure environment for mobile banking, but there are additional steps that you can take to increase your protection.

Becoming A Borrower

Establishing or Rebuilding Credit Scores: Options for Moving Forward — For the many consumers with damaged credit scores and those with no credit record, here are some ways to improve your credit scores.

Credit Reports & Credit Scores — Answers to common questions about credit reporting and how it affects you.

Free Annual Credit Reports — Information about, the only authorized online source for you to get a free credit report under federal law.

Be in Charge of Your Credit Cards  — Tips from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to help you maximize the benefits and avoid the potential pitfalls for choosing and using credit cards.

More Information

If you have specific questions, or would like more information about one of these topics, feel free to give one of our branches a call, stop in to talk to one of our customer service representatives or contact us online.